• Financial Transcription and Reporting

    For Lenders and Enterprise in the Informal Business Sector


    Better financial management. Better access to finance.


    The digital revolution has led to an abundance of affordable and high-quality accounting and book-keeping services available through web-based delivery models. However, these resources remain inaccessible to the growing mass of small and informal businesses that are helping to power economic growth in much of the developing world. In these markets, lenders and their clients all suffer from a lack of credible, transparent, and informative financial information.


    Commercialis is a new venture that provides valuable transcription and reporting services to lenders and their clients in the informal business sector in frontier markets. We help businesses create a solid financial track record and we help lenders gain critical insight into their client's financial performance.


  • The Service

    For Lenders. For Enterprise.

    Simple, Fast, Affordable... and still Customizable!


    Commercialis transforms handwritten business records into an organized digital format which can be used to create a comprehensive summary of monthly business activity. The customizable reporting format includes an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Performance Indicators and MORE.



    Even the most basic level of service includes important analysis of business performance. Commercialis uses the transcribed financial data to calculate and present common performance indicators that can help small business owners get more from their businesses and help lenders improve client and loan performance.


    Lender or Enterprise?

    Are you a lender who already collects financial information from clients? Are you a small business that only has a pile of receipts? Commercialis can customize both the service delivery model and the reporting features to suit the needs of individual clients.


  • The Benefits

    Better Financial Management. Better Access to Finance.

    For Lenders

    How our service can help yours

    Expanded client base through use of simple financial reporting as a risk management and due diligence tool.


    Improved financial management among loan clients.


    Client financial statements delivered directly to the responsible loan officer and client business.


    Easy monitoring of client business performance.


    Early warning tool to detect problems.


    Overall reduction in Non‐Performing and other Substandard Loans

    For Enterprise

    Going to the next level

    Better Access to Finance through creation of a credible and transparent financial track record.


    Business Insight gained through financial reporting and analysis.


    Decision Making Tool by studying the reports and tracking the impact on business performance.


    Reduction in Cost of Tax Audits and Returns by having organized financial statements available.


    Secure Copy of Records because everything we transcribe will be stored digitally and safe from water, fire, and theft.


    Brendan Cronin

    Founder / CEO

    Brendan believes that tempering good intentions with good business will lead to the most robust and sustainable development in the world's frontier markets. Prior to founding Commercialis, he created and led WASH projects in South Sudan, planned and executed oil well tests in Congo and Gabon, and led operational and product development efforts on an innovative flexible water tank in Uganda. Brendan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from INSEAD.

    Babra Nayebare

    Account Manager

    Babra has been with Commercialis since we first opened our doors in Uganda. She leads all aspects of account management including client relations, scheduling transcriptions, service delivery, and even finds time for business development! She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting from Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

    Pheonah Nsasirwe


    Pheonah joined Commercialis in August 2016 is now the Assistant Account Manager. She has helped to support the business in many aspects including transcription, client management, and doing the hard work of visiting hundreds of small businesses with a market survey. She holds a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on Accounting from Makerere University Business School.

    Sales Associates

    Pics coming soon!

    Laboremus Uganda

    Software Development Partners

    Laboremus Uganda Ltd specializes in customized software development, solving business problems from the concept stage through to a fully tested and implemented solution.


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    Working with Lenders

    Spotlight on Institutional Clients

    Commercialis begins trial preparations for working with lenders.


    It is our belief that the lack of credible and transparent financial management characteristic of the informal business sector is a major impediment to both new loan origination and optimal loan book performance among the lenders serving this market. For this reason, we expect lenders to see significant benefits after adopting our transcription and reporting service into their existing evaluation or monitoring processes. 


    We look forward to proving our value!


    Commercialis goes Commercial

    Soft launch in August 2015

    50% of trial users stay on as paying subscribers!


    Beginning in August, Commercialis began to phase out the initial trial in Mbarara to gauge participant's willingness to pay for the transcription and reporting service they had been accessing cost free. We are very excited about achieving a 50% conversion rate!


    In response to feedback gained during the trial period, Commercialis will soon begin to offer standard tax return services as a way to attract new clients to our reporting service. Nobody likes to spend money on VAT or Income returns, but with Commercialis you are getting significant value for your money!



    Piloting our transcription and advisory services

    Let's get started!

    Mbarara, Uganda - April 2015


    200 small enterprises in Mbarara responded to a survey asking about the segments' need for improved record keeping and the potential role of an external service provider.



    82% expressed a willingness to pay for a transcription service to digitize their handwritten business records.


    85% expressed a willingness to pay for regular analysis of business performance.


    We've now begun the next step of trialling the business model. Enterprise transcriptionists have been hired and participant companies have been identified and signed on for the pilot.


    But will it work!? Can we create value for our clients? Can we deliver our services at an affordable, yet profitable rate? Who will prove to be our primary customer segment? Will client acquisition costs be prohibitive?


    So many questions.... stay tuned for answers!


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